Garage erects cheeky sign warning new estate: ‘We’re smelly and were here first’

The cheeky sign went viral on social media, with many praising the owner of the bluntly-worded sign for pre-empting any complaints from new homeowners about noise

The owner of an industrial unit next to a new housing estate has erected a sign warning new residents: “We are industrial. We are noisy. We are smelly. We were here first.”

The straightforward missive was hung from the wall of the unit, which backs onto a new development, and went viral on social media after being spotted.

The sign was spotted opposite the Taylor Wimpey Staunton Gate development at Alresford near Colchester, Essex.

It is described as a “charming new neighbourhood offering a choice of 2,3,4 and 5 bedroom homes.”

A brochure for the new estate reads: “If you love the rural charm of village life yet still need great city connections, then Staunton Gate is the ideal place for you.”

But it seems there may be some issues between the new locals and industrial units on the Orchard Business Estate, part of which backs onto the new homes.

The sign was hung on the back of Python Racing, a specialist TVR garage that offers servicing, restoration and bodywork.

Employee Jody Wiles said his landlord put the sign up before the new houses were built in order to pre-empt any complaints.

The white sheet with red writing reads: “We are industrial. We are noisy. We are smelly. We were here first.”

Jody, 35, said there had previously been some heated words with a resident over the siting of a fence, and unit owners were worried about further complaints.

He said: “It was my landlord. It’s more of a preventative measure. We had it up before the building development started.

“We have been here 30 years and didn’t want people to start moaning – I’m trying to earn a living.”

He added: “We do make a bit of noise and the neighbours are largely OK with it. But people shouldn’t move next to an industrial estate if they have a problem with noise.

“It’s like moving next to Stansted Airport and then complaining you’re under a flight path.”

There are still homes available on the development, with the cheapest on Rightmove listed at £397,000 for a four-bed.

The sign was brought to the attention of thousands of people on TikTok when Rachel Smith (@rachelsdiaries) shared a video of it.

Rachel, who has 77,000 followers, joked: “Well that’s a big f*** you if ever I saw one.”

And after racking up 20,000 likes, people were quick to point out that NIMBYs shouldn’t move near businesses if they want a quiet life.

One viewer said: “Who are these people buying houses without checking the surrounding area first.”

One said: “Same goes for anyone that buys a house next to a pub that is known for live music then has the cheek to complain every kin weekend.”

Another said: “Same for people that move near airports, schools, power plants, town centres…”

While another added: “There are ppl in new houses by me that are built opposite a school and all they do is complain about it….the school has been there 60 years.”

And another added: “It’s like people buying ‘a lovely house in the countryside’ and then complaining about the farm smells and animal noise. Oh and the lack of broadband.”