Adorable moment Rottweiler forgives bigger brother with a kiss after squashing her

Harper and Hudson are both large dogs, but clearly the Bernese is a bit less aware of his surroundings

After everything that has happened over the past 18 months, everyone is now even more keen on having boundaries and respect for personal space.

And apparently the same can be said for dogs too.

Harper the Rottweiler was totally unimpressed when her clumsy brother, Hudson, showed a complete disregard for social distancing and took a seat directly on her legs and backside.

Hudson, who is a Bernese mountain dog, is clearly lacking in self-awareness when it comes to his size, much to the dismay of his sister.

The hilarious video, which comes from TikTok user @harper_and_hudson, was an instant hit with viewers on the app, with over 645,000 views and over 144,000 likes.

The clip shows Harper’s reaction as Hudson lands on her, letting out a deep growl initially, before giving her brother a kiss to let him know all has been forgiven rather quickly.

The Rottweiler is also sure to let her owner know what she thinks about Hudson’s transgression though, flashing a knowing look at the camera before the end of the video.

Viewers were clearly amused by the clip, with one user commenting: “The way she kisses him anyway ‘sorry for being dramatic’.”

Another commenter wrote: “She was like ‘you literally sat on me again!’.”

A third added: “Personal space is unknown for Bernese, so cute.”