Mum bans bully from daughter’s birthday party after cruel joke

A woman took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong to uninvite her daughter’s friend from her birthday party, but users agreed that she did the right thing

A mum has revealed how she banned a young girl from attending her daughter’s birthday party after she caught her being a bully.

The woman’s daughter, Andy, had turned 10 and had invited her classmates, teammates and cousins to her birthday party.

But the mum refused to let Trisha, Andy’s new friend, come too because of how she treats her eight-year-old son Adam.

“Trisha’s family moved into our neighbourhood last month and she and Andy became good friends as they are teammates in Lacrosse,” the woman said on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

Explaining her reason for not wanting Trisha at the party, she says it is because she has seen her mimicking her son, who has Tourettes.

One day when Trisha was visiting, she overheard her impersonating Adam’s tics (repetitive muscle movement and sounds).

“That was the first time I saw her do that and I talked to her and explained Adam’s condition, the mum explained.

“She said it was just a joke and she won’t do it again. But recently my son told me that Trisha laughed at him and mocked him by copying his tics.”

Her daughter suggested that her little brother should stay in her room so that he and Trisha do not see each other, which the woman firmly refused.

“I got a message from Trisha’s mom calling me out for not inviting her daughter,” she continued.

“I told her her daughter makes fun of my son and she needs to tell her off.”

She concluded her post by asking users whether she’s done the right thing, now that her daughter’s “not excited anymore because she can’t invite one of her friends,” but the majority of people agreed that bullying shouldn’t be tolerated.

One person said: “If one of my kids reacted the way Andy did, my husband and I would be having a serious discussion about cancelling the party altogether.”

Another wrote: “Not only are you protecting your son, but you are also showing your daughter that unacceptable behaviour has consequences. Trisha is behaving badly, so she can’t come to the party. That’s on Trisha, not on you.”

A third commented: “Your son’s home is supposed to be his safe place. Your daughter needs to understand this.”

Someone else added: “Why should Adam have to hide in his room whilst his sister is celebrating? I wasn’t there for the whole time of my siblings’ celebrations either, but you shouldn’t exclude one of your kids from eating cake just because one of the guests is a bully.”