Fuming’ woman wakes up with huge footprint on her leg after fake tan blunder

An actress named Anna-Sophia Tutton, from Port Tablot, Wales, was left with a huge white footprint on her leg after falling asleep covered in fake tan – but now she can see the funny side

A woman is ‘fuming’ after falling asleep while covered in fake tan as she woke up a short while later with a huge white footprint on her leg.

Anna-Sophia Tutton, an actress, liberally applied bronzer to get just the right tone, but then disaster struck as she dozed off with one foot resting on herself.

When she woke up, the woman from Port Talbot, Wales, had rubbed the fake tan off her leg – leaving a great big footprint of white in her otherwise perfectly bronzed legs.

Anna-Sophia said she was ‘fuming’ when she realised what had happened, and has shared her story to warn others not to fall asleep while tanning.

She said: “I’m f*g fuming – I just did a tan because I’m seeing (a friend) and it’s been like two or three weeks.

“I was like, ‘I’ll do a tan and when we go out for drinks later it’s going to be really nice’.

“I did my tan and I fell asleep – I had a little ten-minute power nap, but it must have been when my tan was still wet.

“But look what’s happened.”

On her thigh, Anna-Sophie has an absolutely perfect white footprint emblazoned across her tanned leg, and the outline of her toes, heel and ball of her foot can be seen with hilarious accuracy.

In a TikTok video, she said through bursts of laughter: “I’ve got a foot on my leg. What am I going to do? He’s here in like 20 minutes. I’ve got a f*g foot on my leg.”

After she shared the video, other TikTok users flocked to the comments to offer advice, and condolences about the fake tan mega-gaffe.

One joked: “You’ve really put your foot in it.”

And another suggested: “Tan your foot and stick it to your leg, like a stamp.”

“Just don’t mention it”, suggested a third. “If he says anything, you’ve always had it.”